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Products and people…

Asparagus spears are appearing, the young lambs are in the fields and baby leaf salads have arrived: spring has sprung!

We enjoy working with our suppliers and their excellent products!

Marou chocolate

Seaweed from Henry at Bord à Bord

Cold meats from Olivier in Bourg-Blanc

Gaëlle at Les Viviers de Bassinic

Shellfish from Les Viviers de Kerdiou

Kéroudy Farm products from Solène

Roll, our small-craft fisherman

Vegetables from Christian in Bédiez

Abalone from Sylvain in Plouguerneau

Olivier at Kérouzine Farm

Béatrice Lefeuvre, table artist

Kervéguen cider from Eric

Vegetables and strawberries from Malou, Guénolé and Marc, Les Voisins Bio

Duroc-Piétrain pork from Guillaume

Milk from Gaël in Plouider

Beer from Gwénolé at the Distillerie de Plouider

Honey from Pierre in Keremma

Culoiseau poultry from Bénédicte and Benoît

Asparagus from Sylvain Erhardt

Our fish is caught by small coastal fishing boats and dishes made with fish are therefore susceptible to change depending on the catch and the weather. Information about the origins of the beef we serve is available at the front desk. All prices listed are before tax, service included, following applicable TVA rates.