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Sweet mix of the best Breton products and the know-how of a starred chef, here is menus of our gourmet restaurant.




The essentials


   Abalone with Roscoff dulse 45.00€ / maincourse 78.00€


Lobster tail, spring vegetables and fresh herbs /started 42.00€


 Whole lobster roasted in brown butter with its reduced jus/ maincourse 78.00€


  Mi cuit duck liver foie gras and vegetables 34.00€


 Abers cupped oysters, buckwheat  36.00 €


        Crispy Plougastel pork finger and local lobster started 39.00/ maincourse 62.00 €




The Main Course


 Pollack with cabbage and onions 38.00€


 Small- craft- caught, “marché de Paris” round carrots with lemon 42.00€


 Golden-fried calf sweetbread and Lardi di Colonatta 48.00€


 Young pigeon from the Breton mountains, artichoke and liquorice 42.00€


 Poultry of farm Culoiseau and celery 42.00€


Vegetables with smoked butter 28.00€





 Platter of cheeses aged by olivier at Kérouzine farm 16.00€



 Virginie’s Temptations


 Rhubarb from neighborhood 16.50€


 Cluizel raw chocolate and vanilla 16.50€


 Breton cake souffle and salted caramel ice cream 18.50€


Creamy farmer’s cheese and Keremma Dunes honey  16.50€


 As our desserts require time to prepare, we recommend that you order them at the beginning of your meal




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